Producing a Zip or Tarball when building a .NET Core console app

There’s a .NET Core console app I’m working on that will need to be published a few different ways. The simplest way to share a downloadable app is in a self-contained tarball (.tar.gz extension) or zip file. Eventually package managers like Chocolatey and rpm/deb files will be needed, but a downloadable, versioned archive file is good enough to get started.

First I did a quick search to see who has solved this problem already. :). One solution I found was qmfrederik/dotnet-packaging on GitHub that looked promising.  It seems like early days, currently version 0.1.45, but it’s published on NuGet under the MIT license so that’s good enough to use as a build tool.

All told – it was quick and easy to integrate – though in my case I needed to push the tool a little to get the results I was looking for. In this post I’ll walk you through that.

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