Deploying an ARM template with Atlas

Today we’re going to take a look at using Atlas to deploy an Azure Resource Manager (arm) template. Deploying an arm template is a convenient and powerful way to create or modify multiple resources simultaneously on Azure. In this example we’ll be creating a storage account and blob container, but the same Atlas workflow will work for any template.

Upfront it should be said there are already several different ways you can do this. Azure DevOps has tasks which can deploy an ARM template. There are also Azure CLI shell commands and Azure PowerShell cmdlets which can be used to script this kind of scenario. So why would you choose to use Atlas when these options already exist?

I think that question comes down to what you’re trying to do overall. You may have found yourself in a situation where you are writing a lot of scripting code to which runs multiple azure templates intermixed with updating keyvault secrets and uploading customized blob files – all while using the outputs of one step as the parameters for the next. In those situations Atlas would be good to evaluate. It enables you to process complex JSON in a simple declarative manner as you chain together any number of operations.

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